One of the first things Jen and I did when we moved into our Brooklyn apartment was have a studio built (indeed, floated) into one of the bedrooms. Originally, the idea was just to be able to rehearse our various groups here, but it wasn’t long before we got our first few pieces of gear and began the journey into home recording. Turns out we have a great-sounding room...and I got the recording bug real bad! Although I'm still a believer in the magic that can happen only in a big live room of a great studio with musicians playing and resonating together, there is also a lot to be said for being able to put down tracks, real tracks, at any time, right here at home.

There have been several albums (all of Jen Chapin's Light of Mine and Open Wide and much of Linger and Ready, along with all of my Rosetta, Reclamation, Thwirl, and Outliers, plus Andy Friedman’s Laserbeams and Dreams) and a good number of string section and individual tracks (for film scores and other albums) produced and recorded here at The Butler Plaza. In addition to all manner of great instruments and amps, we have a solid selection of mic preamps and mic’s...and I do love to wield them.