Velvet Anima strings

What I love about my Velvet Animas is the rich, open and extended harmonic spectrum they offer, along with a playful bounce in feel and excellent pitch stability, all of which help me communicate clearly (and joyfully) with my fingers and with the bow.

Aguilar Amplification

Although my very favorite Aguilar amp, the all-tube 359, is no longer in production, I have several of their other amp models and cabinets, all of which I love. The folks at Aguilar are great, and they make wonderful products. Solid, even and rich bass.

AMT microphone

In concert, I typically send two signals to the house: my Realist pickup, and my AMT microphone. For onstage, I put the pickup through an amp behind me and ask for the AMT to be sent up through my monitor, right in front of me. I find that this approach, both for myself and the house, gives a nice 3D image of the bass. I really appreciate what the AMT does for my live sound...and so do engineers.

Czech Ease travel bass by David Gage

While not a flawless solution to a really bad problem (it’s still a bit oversize with regard to airline standards), my Czech Ease makes so many things jumping from planes to trains to taxis all in one day and still showing up at a gig knowing the instrument I’m playing. We get along quite well, and I enjoy making music with this bass.